The Motorama @ Ink-N-Iron is a premiere Kustom Kulture Car Show. Hot Rods-Kustoms and Motorcycles are strictly hand-picked, must be pre-69, and have to be in a style from that era. We will be showcasing the finest in Traditional Hot Rods-Kustoms-Motorcycles and more alongside vintage dragsters-gassers and altereds on the grass in front of the Queen Mary. Besides that, we have Barris Kustom City. We have built the historical façade of the shop on Atlantic Blvd., circa 1959 to display 3 traditional kustoms. Please check out the photos in the Gallery.


If you wish to put your car in the car show please register below.



The Ink-N-Iron Motorama trophies are Hand Made Walnut bodied with a casted aluminum topper; just like 1959.