Angie Sioux



Pin-Up Doll Ashley Marie


Mrs. Lisa Love



Robert Alvarado

This has become one of the most anticipated Pin-Up Pageants in the country with entrants from as far away as Europe entering to be part of the fun. 18 girls will be part of the weekends festivities. During the months of March and April the public votes online for who they would like to see become the final 18 Pageant ladies.


When you vote, you will receive an email afterwards. This email has a link which you must press to confirm your vote. This means that if you use a fake email address your vote will not count. Voting is limited to one email address and one IP address 


The Pageant will take place in the Queens Ballroom aboard the Queen Mary on the Promenade deck. The Pageant will run Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Vintage Swimsuits’ on Saturday and Evening dresses for the final round on Sunday.


The girls will enter the stage from the left one at a time until there are six girls on stage. As one exits the stage to the right, another one will enter. As the ladies leave the stage, they will enter a velvet roped corridor that has four different themed backdrops with a photographers pit running parallel to them. For instance during Saturdays vintage swimsuit round, the backdrops will be Miami beach-Waikiki beach -Spain & Cannes. For the evening dress round the backdrops will all be red velvet.


Upon entering the ballroom each attendee will receive a ticket, which at the conclusion of each round they will drop in a numbered box that corresponds with the same numbered girl. The tallied ticket votes and the three judges will decide the outcome of each round.


The top 12 Pageant finalist will make up the Queens Court. The top 3 Pageant ladies will become the Queens’ Courtesans. The Queen and her Court will host the festival stages.


12 Glamorous Beauties Will Become the Queens Court!


4 Will Rule The Kingdom!





Festival Hours:

Friday 2pm-2am // Saturday 11am-2am //

Sunday 11am-10pm